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For small companies ready for development
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Favorable offer for large companies
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Enterprise Solutions
Individual solution on your server. Узнать подробнее
  1. Установка сервиса Guideo на ваши сервера
  2. Брендирование Guideo под вашу компанию
  3. Индивидуальные доработки любой сложности
  4. Интеграция с ERP, BPM, CRM
  5. Обучение всех сотрудников работе с системой
  6. Сопровождение 24/7
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Calculate the cost reduction when using guideo
The number of employees: 10
Your profit per month:
0 rub
Where does the benefit come from?
No retraining costs
Using the service of interactive instructions you will retrain your collaborators much faster if you need them. Distributed for recertification and advanced training.
The ability to quickly identify valuable frames
Identifying valuable personnel is a very important task for any manager; in the Analytics and Tracking section, you can easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of your employees.
Quick and high-quality entry of new employees
As a rule, new employees do not immediately begin to make a profit for the organization. The guideo service significantly shortens the entry period for an employee.
Rational distribution of the bonus fund
Rational encouragement of department employees is a very important aspect that directly affects the growth of any enterprise. With guideo, it will be easier for you to see profitable employees.
Reducing the risk and cost of employee error
The cost of an error can reach a large size. Interactive instructions not only reduce the cost of errors, but also allow you to exclude further repetitions of such errors.
Reducing the number of abnormal situations
External situations put employees in a stupor, especially inexperienced, it greatly slows down or stops the workflow. Having interactive instructions solves this problem.
Reducing the number of employees in the department
Due to the fact that your employees will perform their duties faster and with better quality, you will be able to contain fewer employees in each department of the company.
Interchangeability of employees of different departments
During vacation, hospital and other occasions when employees are absent from the workplace, you will be able to easily reassign duties using the guideo service.
With the help of instructions, they became leaders in their fields.