Kirill Batishchev
Product Designer

Boring, routine activities can be turned into a fascinating process, if you present it in a new, interesting wrapper.

Design exists for users and only for users. Making the use of the product convenient, and most importantly intuitive, is the primary task of any ux designer.

Many people are accustomed to face difficulties in mastering something new. The image of the fact that the more complex a product is, the more difficulties it is necessary to overcome in order to master it, has formed in the head of a modern user. This is one of the factors that pushes people to create new, create, but the main thing is that it pushes people away from self-development. It is easier for many to come to terms with inconvenience than to understand incomprehensible interfaces.

Having fun in the process is a guarantee of a good result of any activity. I believe it in work, and I believe it in life. A good example is already familiar to us Internet services, such as: social networks or search engines, the use of which has long been familiar to us. Interaction with a well-developed product should leave a minimum of questions.

Applying professional skills, as well as using the accumulated experience of using many interactive systems, we create a truly friendly design for users of any activity.

Guideo is a new way to create interactive instructions where the process is similar to a game. Boring, routine processes of assigning duties, giving orders, controlling and analytics are packed in a new wrapper. Now everyone is the creator of their own business processes. No matter who and where you work - you do it quickly and easily.