Vlad Buichkin
Chef Technical Officer

The product is a reflection of the conceived idea. To implement it, you need to be able to organize a well-coordinated teamwork.

When talented people gather in one place and bring with them fresh, bold ideas - magic is born that moves the product forward. We are not afraid to experiment and find non-standard solutions. But in such an environment it is very easy to lose the exact vector of product development, its original idea. My task is to keep the essence of the guideo service in the development process — creating interactive instructions.

You need to be able to find strengths in each employee and invest the necessary potential in product development. Sometimes we redo some parts of the functionality several times, test and redo again, until the result starts to suit us, and then we try to change again so that it is even more convenient for the user.

To some extent, we are moving blindly, since there are no analogues on the market, so it takes a lot of time to study the needs of users and to correctly implement the solution of their problems. Indeed, in the first place, guideo is a service for people, and it is very important that our users understand this when they use our product.