Timofei Popov
Chief Executive Officer

I believe that each person makes a decision based on his knowledge and experience

It would be great if every employee of the company had the same experience and knowledge as his boss. Then, every employee of the company would be a continuation of the company's founder. And the company could create a better product, provide better service and make more money.

Also, each employee of the company would work much easier and more comfortable, he would do his job faster and more productively.

We created the Guideo service so that each person could transfer his knowledge skills and experience to another person. Pass your algorithms in decision making.

If the Guideo platform is implemented in your company, you will be able to facilitate the entry and adaptation of new employees. You no longer have to explain the same thing twice. I think the most important thing in every company is people, or to be precise, the competencies of these people.

Developed by the team guideo