About Us

We made a convenient service of interactive instructions for each branch of business and called it guideline.
From the word guide - manual
Guide to action - guide to action
To us

We are developing a solution to help everyone and organizations on the planet to achieve more.

Our team works to create an innovative, comprehensive product in increasing productivity, centered around meaningful experience, accessible to everyone.

Guideo for each

Every day we study, invent and test technologies that facilitate the work of people all over the world.

Creating new opportunities, we help companies increase staff productivity and profits.

Our principles
are in development

If everyone is busy creating everything in a row ...
How can you improve something?
We begin to confuse convenience with joy, diversity with choice.
Development requires something - focus.
The first question we ask ourselves
«What feelings do we want to awaken in people?»
Pleasure, Surprise, Love, Affection.
Then we start processing our design.
It takes some time. A thousand "no" accounted for each "Yes."
We simplify, we improve, we start again.
So far, everything we touch does not improve the lives of those concerned.
And only then do we sign our work. Developed by the Guideo team.

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